Tallest of Trees

Tallest of Trees Painting Dec 2015


Tallest of Trees

Painting by Antonio Lampreia, Poetry by Michelle Dinnick

(It is difficult to see, but the poem is part of the painting).

The tales they tell

as you

listen to the wind, and

listen through the rain

everything making

sense, bringing clarity

to our overloaded energy


opening possibilities

for life, love and laughter


taken together, they

remind us that our

earth is beautiful, and that

everything is possible

so I listen, to what I feel…  And to the trees…

You May Find Yourself thinking…

You may find yourself thinking…  And wondering…  And asking meaningful questions, as so many great Philosophers before us have done.

Can you imagine, for example, that there are still those among us who believe that the world is ROUND?

And can you fathom, that you may know people who actually believe in Dinosaurs? Seriously?  Giant lizards that roamed the earth for millions of years? Pashaw!

Where do people get their ideas?  Perhaps they open random books and only read a line or two… J

Why else, would people believe in giant lizards, but not unicorns?

It’s a scientific FACT that what we call “horses” ARE actually unicorns!  They just don’t have enough calcium in their diet anymore, so they can no longer produce a viable spiral horn!  If they ARE lucky enough to be born with one, it ALWAYS falls off.

I could rant on forever about this nonsense, but instead, I shall thank the Philosopher Mr. Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951), who said “If people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done”.