I am a Freelance Writer, writing nonfiction, fiction and poetry.  I am a member of the Canadian Authors Association (CAA), and the Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ), and the South Simcoe Arts Council (SSAC) Wordsmiths.

I have a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto, and I regularly write articles for several of our local papers and magazines.  I have recently discovered micro-fiction, and on February 20th my ultra short story ‘A Day in my Life’ was featured at fiftywordstories.com.  On February 27th, my short story “Shattered” was featured at commuterlit.com.  Last year, in April I was shortlisted as a Finalist for the Ontario Writers Conference Story Starters Contest.

The Industrial Art piece ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ (pictured above) was created by myself, Antonio Lampreia, and Mike Schulze.  It features my writing, and was on display at the Helson Art Gallery in Georgetown Ontario in September 2016, as part of “Transformation: An Exhibition of Altered Books”.

In my non-creative writing life, in addition to writing human-interest articles regularly, I have been a Ghostwriter, I have been hired to write Law and Med School applications, grant applications, resumes and cover-letters.   I recently studied copywriting and copyediting, to further my knowledge of writing and editing promotional material.